Anzac Day Art- Poppy Field

With Anzac Day fast approaching, and the 100th anniversary of Anzac troops landing at Gallipoli, I thought it was a fitting time to start learning about the First World War with my students. This is an art activity we did collaboratively.


You will need:
Black paper (cut to roughly 30cm high, joined in a strip around 2.5m long)
Red paint
Green chalk pastels
Newspaper to cover work surfaces


I modelled creating one poppy first- the stem/leaves in green chalk pastel, and the petals in red paint (leaving a gap in the middle). While I did this, the students and I talked about why poppies are a symbol for Anzac Day. We also discussed how creating our poppy field was in its own way an act of peace and co-operation, because we all had to contribute to get to the finished product.

Students then completed their own poppies. Some chose to use red pastel to outline their flower head, and black pastel to really define the centre.

Our plan is to display our poppy field above the whiteboard, where it will be joined by posters the students are making in groups about each year of the war.



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