Pointillism- Art Activity

I did this activity with a year 4-6 class, as a way of exploring light and dark, building colour, and using dots as a way of creating visual art.IMG_0045

You will need:
Scrap paper
A3 cartridge paper
Cotton buds (Q Tips)
Newspaper to cover work surfaces

Talk with students about pointillism, and view examples of art which uses this style (some really stunning images come up through a quick google image search). Trial quick drawings in the style using scrap paper and pencil. I tried to emphasise that a wide spread of dots will give the impression of a lighter area or colour, whereas a dense concentration of dots will give the impression of a darker area.

I allowed my students to choose any subject they liked for their work, but encouraged them to keep it to one item or object to make it easier to manage. Students then make a quick plan in their books of what their subject would be and the colours they would use. They then draw a very light pencil outline of their subject on the cartridge paper.

Now comes the fun part! Dip cotton buds in paint and apply to paper. It may be necessary to emphasise that a dabbing motion is used, rather than dragging the paint across the page. Encourage students to explore layering and blending different colours together, as well as finding different ways of showing light and dark.

Display finished artwork in the classroom and admire your creativity!


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