Art- Writing Frames

Publishing writing work seems to always take forever, right?
This little trick (by no means an original idea) takes some of the effort out of presenting, and makes for an awesome wall display.


You will need:
Oil Pastels
One piece of A4 paper.
A3 photocopies of the frame template
Laminating pouches/a laminator

On a blank piece of A3 paper, create your frame template. I did this by positioning an A4 sheet of paper on the A3, and ruling around it with a sharpie. Photocopy enough for your class.

For this version of writing frames, the challenge I gave students was to only use geometric shapes in designing their frames. I encouraged them to use bright, contrasting colours that would stand out on the wall. The bottom edge of the frame needed to include their name.

Another challenge I have used is to use only hot, or only cold colours to create a design. The students produced some stunning artwork, and the challenge paved the way for conversations about blending, and what a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ colour actually was.

Once students had pencilled in their design, they coloured with oil pastel. I laminated the final products. When students finish publishing a piece of writing, it is pinned onto their frame to be displayed. By the end of the year they have a nice stack of writing on the wall, which is made into a booklet and taken home to share.



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