Art- Mother’s Day Bouquets

This year my students asked me if we could do something to take home as a gift for Mother’s Day. I wanted to choose an activity that was suitable as a gift for anyone, not just Mums, as my students have all sorts of awesome people in their lives that they wanted to celebrate. So we came up with this- bouquets for our special people that will last forever.


You will need:
A3 paper in different colours
A4 paper in different colours
Old magazines
Felt Pens/Permanent Markers

Students begin by selecting a colour for their background, and another colour (preferably one that has a strong contrast to the first) for their vase. Students draw the shape of their vase in pencil, then cut it out and glue it on to the background.

Next, students find magazine pages appeal to them. They trace their hands, and cut out the shape- this will form the ‘flowers’ for the bouquet. Each student will need to make 4-5 ‘flowers’.

Glue the flowers on, and draw on stems. On each flower, students write a reason that they love their special person. They come up with the sweetest responses!

Finally, students choose pictures from the magazine that show things that their special person likes, and glue these on for extra decoration. They might choose to put a message on the vase too.

When we did this activity, each student also put a picture of themselves in amongst the flowers.

A pretty simple but effective activity, that was appreciated by our ‘special people’.


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