Art- Viking Ships

Each year, our school has an “Art Attack” day. We spend an entire day working on art projects which are shown in our school Flower Show and Calf Club Day (kind of like a gala day), and the top placed pieces are then entered in the local A&P Show (think a community gala). Last year, one of the pieces we completed was a viking ship. The original tutorial comes from the blog linked below, but I thought I’d share our efforts.


To do this activity, students need to paint 5 different pieces of paper in different styles. Each piece needs to be allowed to dry completely before being put together.

For the background, use sponges to dab paint onto an A3 page, positioned landscape.

For the waves, one half of an A3 page is splattered with paint. Flicking toothbrush bristles works well for this. The second half of the A3 page is covered with harsh brush strokes in like colours.

For the ship, an A4 page is covered in brown paint. We made a woodgrain effect by dragging a fork through the paint while it was still wet.

For the flag and shields, an A4 page was folded in half, with different colours used on each side. The students chose the techniques they liked for applying paint at this point.

When all the pieces are dry, you can begin to assemble your artwork.

Each of the ‘wave’ pages needs to be torn in two. We tried to tear in a way that made the paper look like waves. Position the waves on the background. Attach with glue, making sure not to glue the tops of the waves, just the base and sides.

Cut out a ship from the wood patterned paper. I provided my students with templates if necessary. Position the ship amongst the waves. Use leftover pieces to make a mast and shields. From a blank piece of paper, make a sail. Add on stripes. Glue the sail at the top and bottom, so that it can bulge out in the middle, as though it is full of air.

Some students chose to add planks (complete with pirates walking them). This had a great 3D effect. You can also use a pencil or your fingers to curl the waves down.

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