Art- Who We Are Hands

This is a really easy art activity that you could adjust to work with any age level. The idea was to use the outline of our hands to create a piece of art that reflected something about us as individuals.

You will need:

Construction paper
Colouring pens/pencils

IMG_1993Students begin by tracing their hands onto a piece of construction paper. Once they have done that, it is time to get designing! The challenge I set for my students was to use symbols or illustrations that showed who they were as people. My hand has lots of symbols that reflect the ocean, like the whale, scales, and wave patterns, because I love being at the beach and swimming. One student who is into motorcross very cleverly drew himself on his bike, using the spaces between his fingers as jumps! An important point to remember when adding designs is that the wrist needs to be closed off in some way. My design has a lace-look band going on, while students used all sorts of different things- one kid made his hand appear as if it was oozing off the page!

When all of the designs have been pencilled in, it is time to colour. I only used black permanent marker for my design, but the students used all sorts of different colour combinations, and the final product looks great.

When our hands were finished, we cut them out and mounted them onto an A2 piece of paper, along with a self portrait (Picasso style), a photograph, and a bio-poem. The completed ‘bio-posters’ take up almost a whole wall of our classroom, and they look awesome!


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