Art- Wild Weather


On a blustery, stormy Friday afternoon, the students of Room 2 were doing art. Inspired by our surroundings, we created this ‘wild weather’ art. The completed work was laminated and displayed across the room.

You will need:

  • black construction paper (A3)
  • chalk pastels
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • Clear coat spray
  1. Rule a border around the edge of your page, at least 5 cm
  2. In pencil, sketch in the lines of the items in your drawing. Use the whole page. The weather I wanted to show was wind, so I drew a pampus bush with the feathery heads blowing, and trees losing their leaves. Choose 3-4 big items to have in your picture.
  3. Next, start filling in the shapes with pastel. In the center box, use realistic colours.
  4. When all of your drawing has been filled in with pastel, use either a white or black pastel to go over the border lines and make them stand out.
  5. Finally, spray your work with clear coat spray so that it can’t be smudged.

You could use any source of inspiration for this style of artwork- the class next door to me did the same activity, but sought their inspiration in nature around the school. Some really awesome artwork was produced, including some fabulous red and white toadstools!


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