Art- Swirling Pastel Koru

It’s that time of year again- Art Attack!
Each year my school has two days which we dedicate solely to art projects. The projects are completed by five (I think!) different schools, and the pieces judged to be the best at each school, within each category are then sent on to be displayed and judged at the local A&P show. Art Attack days are a highlight in the school calendar for me as a teacher. This year, the school selecting and organising the projects decided to choose activities with a distinctly Māori flavour, which was a great way of tying together the eight different projects that will be completed.

The following art activity was one completed by year 5 and 6 students. The students worked really hard to have this project finished in a day, and the results are definitely something they can be proud of.

IMG_0097You will need:
A3 cartridge paper
Oil pastels
Black construction paper
PVA Glue
Clear coat spray

  1. On an A3 piece of cartridge paper, lightly pencil in your background design. This design needs to be bold and swirly, and can include Māori designs if you wish.
    (Apologies for the poor image quality, I had to ramp up the contrast so that the pencil lines could be seen more clearly.)
  2. Choose bright, vibrant pastel colours to fill in your design. Remember that you can blend different colours together to make a shaded/gradient effect.
    IMG_0092  IMG_0093
  3. When you have finished colouring in your design (make sure there are no gaps!) draw some koru designs on black paper, and cut them out.
  4. The next step is to arrange your black cut outs on the pastel backdrop, and glue them on using PVA (an ordinary glue stick won’t work).


  5. Finish by spraying your work with clear coat to prevent smudging, then mount onto a black background. Alternately, you could laminate the finished work to add strength and shine.

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