Art- Pastel Pou

Another awesome Art Attack activity- this one was undertaken by Year 7 and 8 students.

Students designed their own designs for a pou, an upright, supporting structure that is part of a wharenui (Māori meeting house). Stencils were created and used to make the repeated design easier to replicate accurately.


You will need:
Timber offcuts, around 50cm long and 15cm wide (we cut up an old pallet)
A4 paper
Clear coat spray

  1. Start by tracing the width of your wood onto a piece of paper. This will give you the width you need for your stencil.
  2. Design your stencil. It needs to be a design that can be repeated easily along the length of the wood.
  3. Cut out your stencil. Place your stencil on the wood and trace around it in pencil. Reposition the stencil and continue tracing it until the pattern covers the entire panel.


  4. Begin colouring your design. The traditional colours used are red, black, and white. Start with the lightest colour and work up to using your dark colours last. You can smudge the pastel so that it blends into the wood better.
    IMG_0101 IMG_0102
  5. Finish your design by sealing it with clear coat spray.


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